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Thank you for your interest in the MaxCPM Ad Network Platform.  

Here is the information you requested about the Admin Backoffice with Live Demo

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Login to the Live Demo

Login to the Live Demo

Test Drive the MaxCPM Control Panel For Yourself

In order to preserve the integrity of our Demo Accounts, certain settings and functions, including all Update and Save Requests have been disabled for demonstration purposes. Also, all statistics data has been frozen and locked since September, when the demo accounts were setup and populated. In normal operating mode, these functions and updates will be fully enabled.

You May Login Using One Of The Following 3 Account Types

Publisher Demo

Login as Penelope Publisher to see how a typical publisher can earn money for displaying ads on their website(s).

Password:   password

Advertiser Demo

Login as Adam Advertiser to learn how user accounts can be also be used to purchase advertising campaigns.

Password:   password

Network Admin Demo

Login to the Network Operator’s Admin to view the different system screens needed to operate an advertising network.

Password:   password

"MaxCPM Has Made This So Easy"

Real Network Operator Testimonials

What our Operators are Saying …

While most operators are too shy or too busy to go on camera, We want to thank William, Jordan and Stan for sending in their video clips. We apologize that the videos are not studio quality, but these are real operators who purchased MaxCPM licenses that took time out of their busy schedules to let you know genuinely how they felt about their network. They are NOT paid actors, nor were they given free MaxCPM “review licenses” in exchange for promotional feedback. Once you join MaxCPM, your network will be working with operators just like them and we hope to hear your success story as well.

How To Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn how to be a Network Operator?

You don’t need to be a techno-wiz at online advertising or an internet server engineer to do this. If you’ve ever setup a PPC campaign or ran CPA offers, you should be able to grasp most of the network administration very quickly.

Webinar Training Provided Inside For New Operators

To help get you started, we provide a 1+ hour “Kickstart You Ad Network” webinar replay that will get you pointed in the right direction for your launch and we go into and explain all of the metrics involved in the system starting from ground zero along with several tips to start marketing your ad network.

Startup cost is less than a computer at only $497 and Network Hosting is $37 per month.  We offer a 90-day performance money-back guarantee.    Since there is more for you to learn, please make sure you watch the full webinar and you will receive a special bonus to give your network an added edge (limited time offer).

Can I host MaxCPM on my own server?

Although you will need your own hosting account for your retail homepage to establish your domain and brand, Sophisticated Ad networks like MaxCPM can’t run on simple hosting accounts .. they require multiple dedicated servers that cost $HUNDREDS per month.

What are the advantages to MaxCPM Hosting?

Not only are we saving you alot of $$ money out-of-pocket by consolidating servers into common datacenters, our design allows real-time exchange of necessary data between networks without introducing possible points of failure and delays across the internet. The result is better reliability and faster ad delivery for all of our networks.

Is MaxCPM Worldwide? Can I operate my ad network from overseas?

You can work from anywhere you can access the internet with a computer. You can also withdraw your earnings via eCheck or Paypal account. We do not want operators and operators have to wait for checks to be mailed in order to get paid.

With costs so low, how does MaxCPM earn a profit from this venture?

The reason costs are so low, is that we are looking for entrepreneurs to joint-venture with us and other operators on the MaxCPM exchange. As such, MaxCPM earns a small royalty off of every click and conversion on the exchange. which is based on the eCPM yields and the network markup rate set by each network and comes off the top to handle payment processing. In any case, you will make the Lion’s Share of profits from your network, no matter what plan you choose


What type of advertising formats and sizes does MaxCPM support?

Currently, we only support display (image) ads in the most popular sizes: Leaderboard (728×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250) and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).  We also now support Mobile ads (300×50) that fit most mobile devices. This is simply because these are the most profitable ad sizes with the highest response rates. In future versions, we plan to add text ads and mobile / smartphone advertising. We do not have a release date for these features yet, but will announce our release schedule on this website when we do. For the latest information, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Do I Need a Business License or Corporation? How are Taxes Handled?

In most cases, network operators should not need to file for their own business license or corporate entity unless it is specifically required by the laws in their area. Purusant to US tax law, MaxCPM’s parent company will issue 1099s for all US Citizens earning over $600.00 per calendar year. In all cases, we recommend you contact appropriate legal counsel in your area to determine legal requirements, and potential advantages of filing for your own corporate entity.

The next step is to signup and watch our FREE Click Arbitrage Webinar to learn how to make 30-70% ROI guaranteed every day.   After that you will be given a special invite to join MaxCPM as a network operator.

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