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Introducing …

From the desk of: Jason – MaxCPM.
Subject: Starting a PPC+CPA Ad Network…
Dear Future Network Operator,
By now, you probably know that making money online is not as easy as many charlatans are trying to make you believe. 
With so many rip-offs, bold claims and “push-button money making” software packages out there, smart people like you and I are becoming more aware of how this damaging trend is giving a bad reputation to the IM industry.
However, I did not create this amazing technology just to sell you latest and greatest “make money fast” product bundled with a few low-quality PLR bonuses for $17.
What I’m about to offer you is thousands times better…
I suggest you sit back, get comfortable and read this short letter carefully as what I’m going to reveal has the potential of creating a TRUE online business that can generate a lot of money for years on end.
It can do this without all the hype, the lies and the B.S. that you’re unfortunately used to.
In a few minutes you’re about to discover shocking technology that you’ve NEVER heard before.


Something Truly Revolutionary
That’s About To Change Everything!


As you may know, the online (and now mobile) Ad markets are generating obscene amount of cash while the world is sinking in a terrible and devastating economic recession.
You don’t have to be a genius in order to understand that this market is GIGANTIC and that whoever is willing to dare to venture into it can swim in a pool of endless profits.
The problem is that conglomerate companies like Google, Yahoo! and Bing have their foot on your neck, literally. I have lost count of how many people are complaining about how their accounts were banned with NO JUSTIFICATION.
A vast number of accounts were seized by these “ad dictators” on a daily basis.
This was done for no reason without any explanation given.

Don’t get me wrong…
You can make good money with the typical ad networks and in fact, many smart marketers are doing just that.
However, the truth is that there’s no room for the little guy like you who is willing to start an honest online business in these ad networks.
I hate to say this, but to them you are expendable.
Google for example, it’s unpredictable as the roulette; where everybody (including those with large accounts) can wake up one good morning with their account banned.


Today You Have The Opportunity To Say NO
To All Of Those Pompous Ad Networks, and
Start Setting Your Own Ground Rules.


Let me briefly introduce myself.
My name is Jason and I’m a former Wall Street Systems Analyst.
For the last three years I’ve been involved in the process of creating something that I visualized before I even jumped into the internet marketing world: a self-sustained, intelligent ad exchange bringing the future, to the present.
This is what I call: the next evolution of ad networks.
I was tired of seeing how the regular guys were treated like expendable goods so I decided to invent something that could change the game FOREVER.
For three years I’ve working restlessly on this gigantic project, and trust me, the amount of effort paid off.
I’m not going to bore you with the details, because the only thing you need to know is that your dream online business is finally within your reach. 
Before I continue, I need to check if you’re the right kind of person that I want to have on board for this UNIQUE opportunity.

Then You’re Invited to
Become an Ad Network Operator with

The Next Evolution in Online Advertising

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Understanding the Ad Network Business Model

Ad Network Business Model

Ad Networks monetize internet traffic for income

An online advertising network or Ad Network, is an organization that connects advertisers to website publishers that want to host advertisements for income. Typically, advertisers purchase ad space through the Ad Network, which then delivers the ads on publisher websites and compensates the publishers from a percentage of their sales revenues. Until MaxCPM, this has been a very hard market to break into. Not only did you need the latest ad targeting technology and self-service platform, but you also a large number of advertisers and publishers so that ads would appear on websites from day one.

Before you begin, it’s important that we cover the 3 most common Advertising Cost Models first . . .

Cost Per Mille (CPM)

In CPM, the advertiser pays a fee rate for every 1,000 ad impressions. This is preferable for publishers because cost is based on the number of times an ad is displayed, regardless of the user’s subsequent action. The advertiser is taking a large risk regarding the page location of their ads and ultimately, the quality of the publisher’s traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is the amount of money an advertiser pays a publisher for single click that brings a unique visitor to its website. PPC is the most popular ad cost model sold online today, because it offers a compromise of risk between advertiser campaigns and publisher traffic quality. However, it is not the ideal solution for either party.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

With CPA, Advertiser compensates its publishers for a desired action. These actions may include filling out a form, or opening an account. For advertisers, CPA is preferable because ad cost is directly proportional to conversion rates, which means advertisers only pay for actions which contribute directly to their bottom line.

"It’s like a License to Print Money"

Automatic Edge Over the Competition

Edge Over the Competition

Finally, automated results-based ad targeting

It’s important in any business venture that you consider undertaking, to have some competitive edge or advantage over other products or services you may be competing with. MaxCPM provides that edge with an advertising intelligence system with technology that systematically targets ads based on automatic split-testing and earnings optimization. While you sleep, it is working hard to search the best results in the matrix because it thinks and strategizes like an Expert Human Marketer, scaling up ad variations & placements that profit and redacting ones that aren’t so lucrative.

Like an army of accountants, MaxCPM not only tracks, but also follows the trends of eCPM yields of every ad campaign at the placement level. It tracks the performance of every element of the campaign .. from Ad Creative to the Placement on each Publisher’s website.

Using sophisticated intelligence, MaxCPM assigns performance scores to every element of each campaign.
MaxCPM then follows human-like decision logic to scale up best performing ads
in each placement to produce the highest returns available.

Self-Serve Platform

Your users will be able to sign into a professional control panel with your brand name across the top. Inside they will be able to purchase and sell adspace like any major ad network.

Auto SplitTesting

Advertisers will enjoy easy automated split-testing from within their control panels without needing third-party tools or complex scripts to rotate and test ads or landing pages.

CPA Heatseeker

MaxCPM auto-scales ads and placements with the highest CPA conversion rates. Advertisers can now automatically increase their ad campaigns as they receive actual results.

Earnings Optimizer

Publishers earnings are optimized to receive the highest effective eCPM rate available from advertisers automatically, whether earnings are sourced from either PPC or CPA bids.


"This is Way Too Easy!"

Perfect Home-Based Business

Perfect  Home Based Business

Still looking for that REAL home business?

By now, you probably realize that making money online is not as easy as many charlatans are trying to make you believe. As you’ve now seen, the online (and also now mobile) Ad markets are generating obscene amount of cash while the world is sinking in a terrible and devastating economic recession.

You don’t have to be a genius in order to understand that this market is GIGANTIC and that whoever is willing to dare to venture into it can swim in a pool of endless profits. However the truth is, until now, there’s been no help for those who are willing to start an honest online business.

Finally, You Can Start a Profitable Ad Network from the Comfort of Your Own Home,
and Create That Financial Security You’ve Been Looking For.

Start From Home

Running a business from home offers a plethora of benefits like working in casual clothing, no daily commute, and the ability to spend time with the family.

Low Low Overhead

While other businesses, like restaurants and stores, costs thousands of dollars every month, your entire overhead is no more than a few dollars per day.

Work Anywhere

As long as you can access the web and email, you can run a MaxCPM Ad Network from just about anywhere, including poolside or even a tropical beach resort.

Work Part-Time

Why work 40 hrs a week? With just a couple hours each day, you can operate your network and build it up to supplement or replace your current income.


"I’m moving My Office to the Beach"

MaxCPM Network Exchange – An Instant JV Marketplace

MaxCPM Network Exchange

Partnering networks to maximize your profits

There’s an old wisdom that says that it’s better to be in business for yourself, but not necessarily *by* yourself. The MaxCPM Exchange is built on the premise of partnering with others to create better results and higher earnings for everyone .. publishers, advertisers and network operators. While networks bring advertisers and publishers together, the MaxCPM exchange brings networks and their users together in micro-partnerships across network boundries wherever it makes the most financial sense.

Turning Competitors into Partners

Participating networks on the MaxCPM exchange strategically work together as a cooperative through the MaxCPM engine itself. So rather than competing with one another, all networks on the MaxCPM platform are systematically partnered together to increase liquidity and to maximize eCPM yields by testing ads and publishers from other networks with yours.

Remember, the higher the eCPM yield, the more financially efficient publisher adspace
is being used per impression to bring more conversions for advertisers, higher earnings for publishers
and ultimately, increased profits for network operators.

Overcome Chicken vs Egg

One of the most difficult aspects about starting any advertising network is the catch-22 of attracting publishers without enough advertisers and vice versa. As a part of our exchange, your advertisers and publishers will have access to pair with others on the exchange, wherever it makes the most sense financially.

Oceans of Traffic

This is one industry that is nearly impossible to saturate. With oceans of internet traffic available, this market is so incredibly massive, that the number of MaxCPM networks in operation is virtually irrelevant. It would be comparable with sending you to the beach with buckets to fill up as much water as you can carry.

And It’s Fully Automated

Chances are, you’ll never have to meet any of your network partners, because all of the arrangements are handled and negotiated in microseconds based on profitability of the pair-up. In the time of someone else’s click, MaxCPM will negotiate and split your profits automatically between networks and tally it up on your daily profits report.

"Partnering in Microseconds – Incredible!"

No Merchant Account Required

No Merchant Bank Required

Withdraw network profits directly to your Bank or Paypal

NO Credit Application. NO Credit Check, & NO On-Site Audit. All you need is a bank account to withdraw your profits to.

The MaxCPM exchange handles all billing to advertisers. Since the exchange itself is physically delivering the ads from its servers, it is required to bill the advertisers under mastercard and visa rules. But this also allows the exchange to ensure that all proper earnings payments are made to publishers and to you from other network operators

You will be able to withdraw your earnings directly from your network admin control panel Z
to your bank checking account or Paypal, as follows:

Daily Profit Report

Like any other legitimate business, you will have actual revenues, costs to publishers, and net profits reported daily.

Withdraw Profits

To withdraw your profits, simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the available balance. ($50 minimum).

To Your Bank or Paypal

If you have not doneso already, just enter your paypal account or banking information and submit your direct deposit for processing.

"I Never Have to Wait for a Check"

Power Features For Your Network

Discover Higher Yields While You Sleep

MaxCPM discovers new profit opportunities through automated testing

While some competitor networks leave you constantly struggling to stay ahead of the game, our network uses a proprietary new technology called MaxCPM Ad Intelligence. Let’s just say … MaxCPM is simply amazing.

While you sleep, it is working hard for you to bring you the best results in the matrix because it thinks and strategizes like an Expert Human Marketer, scaling up ad variations & placements that make the most money and redacting the ones that aren’t so lucrative.

Automatic Optimization

Advertisers and publishers no longer have to search for ads and placements for better returns. While other networks can only offer limited optimization tools, our MaxCPM technology systematically searches for the highest yields for you each and every night.

Over Multiple Networks

Your network will work seamlessly with other networks using the MaxCPM platform, and will automatically find the best performing yields for your users, not only on your network but on many other networks that feature MaxCPM’s advertising intelligence system.

You are the Network Operator

As the Network Administrator, you will have a special Network Admin Dashboard which allow you to operate all the required systems of your network. You can manage, approve, decline, suspend and terminate your accounts, ad campaigns, and publisher websites within your network as you need to.

Professional Control Panel

Enjoy a super intuitive, extremely easy to operate self-service control panel! Your network will look like it’s running on a million dollar system! Your users will be able to sign into a professional control panel with your brand name across the top. Inside they will be able to purchase and sell adspace like any major ad network.

Next Evolution Ad Targeting

Wouldn’t it be great if an ad network would rotate, test and track all of your ads, placements and landing pages … and then crank up the winning combinations when & where they led to more conversions? Well, that’s precisely what MaxCPM does … It thinks and optimizes for you the same way over thousands of possible combinations.

PPC + CPA Ad Network

MaxCPM’s unique, hybrid PPC+CPA bidding system can intelligently “level-up” ad campaigns whenever conversion rates increase, according to an advertiser’s preset instructions. To maximize returns, advertisers can enter bids using PPC & CPA bid combinations to test and scale campaigns with limited risk if conversion rates drop.

Automatic Split-Testing

MaxCPM will be automatically rotate ad creatives and landing/offer pages from your ad campaigns. It then tracks, trends, and scores all the elements of your campaigns based on actual results and then scales up the winning creatives and landing pages … automatically. Say goodbye to costly third-party tracking tools and extra work.

Publisher Earnings Optimizer

No longer will publishers have to search for the highest performing ads, or pull ads when advertisers run out of money. Every single night, our intelligent MaxCPM system will not only find the highest effective CPM yields for their website(s), but will rotate to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers end their campaigns or go over budget.

PPC + CPA Ad Network

We know your users will have questions, and so will you. We provide you with an support message system to handle incoming support requests, and even escalate them to us when you have a question. We also provide your users with a set of pre-populated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for both publishers and advertisers.

"This is Pure Genius — Absolutely Brilliant!"

Here's Exactly How To Make Money

On Publisher Websites

Our Latest Feature: ClickSpy
Spy on recent clicks & actions
running through your network
with ClickSpy in real-time

KaChing .. KaChing .. KA-CHING!

Take a long, good look to the left. Making money with MaxCPM was designed to be SIMPLE and optimized for you. You make money on every revenue-producing click and every conversion that runs through your network, whether you choose to actually work that day or not.

That means you can earn profits on weekends, holidays and vacations too as long as there is traffic and clicks running through your network.

Awesome! .. How much can I make?

Sky’s the limit. While our attorneys won’t let us guarantee $$ earnings, I can guarantee you that Google, Yahoo, and other ad networks made over $30 BILLION last year selling the same thing .. online PPC ads.

How much you will profit boils down to 3 factors: (1) the amount of volume running through your network, (2) the eCPM yields earned on that volume, and (3) the network markup percentage over those yields.

To simplify profit planning, let’s forget for a second that you will earn profits on not only clicks (PPC), but actions or conversions (CPA) too. That will allow us to plan profit goals based on click volume alone while profits from conversions (CPA) can be added back later as pure gravy.

Ad Network Profit Planning

Of course, advertiser PPC bids and budgets fluctuate daily, but it’s not uncommon to see prevailing PPC bids as high as $0.70 per click and sometimes as high as $2.00 per click in specific market verticals. On average, we’ve found typical PPC bids tend to run between $0.20 to $0.30 in the US and most major markets. For planning purposes, we prefer to use a conservative $0.21 bid estimate to safely calculate markup for major market potential.

In the event MaxCPM pairs you up with another network on the exchange, the profits will be split equally in real time and tallied up on your operator’s dashboard by network division.

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Learn How to earn 30-70% PROFIT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn how to be a Network Operator?

You don’t need to be a techno-wiz at online advertising or an internet server engineer to do this. If you’ve ever setup a PPC campaign or ran CPA offers, you should be able to grasp most of the network administration very quickly.

Webinar Training Provided Inside For New Operators

To help get you started, we provide a 1+ hour “Kickstart You Ad Network” webinar replay that will get you pointed in the right direction for your launch and we go into and explain all of the metrics involved in the system starting from ground zero along with several tips to start marketing your ad network.

Startup cost is less than a computer at only $497 and Network Hosting is $37 per month.  We offer a 90-day performance money-back guarantee.    Since there is more for you to learn, please make sure you watch the full webinar and you will receive a special bonus to give your network an added edge (limited time offer).

Can I host MaxCPM on my own server?

Although you will need your own hosting account for your retail homepage to establish your domain and brand, Sophisticated Ad networks like MaxCPM can’t run on simple hosting accounts .. they require multiple dedicated servers that cost $HUNDREDS per month.

What are the advantages to MaxCPM Hosting?

Not only are we saving you alot of $$ money out-of-pocket by consolidating servers into common datacenters, our design allows real-time exchange of necessary data between networks without introducing possible points of failure and delays across the internet. The result is better reliability and faster ad delivery for all of our networks.

Is MaxCPM Worldwide? Can I operate my ad network from overseas?

You can work from anywhere you can access the internet with a computer. You can also withdraw your earnings via eCheck or Paypal account. We do not want operators and operators have to wait for checks to be mailed in order to get paid.

With costs so low, how does MaxCPM earn a profit from this venture?

The reason costs are so low, is that we are looking for entrepreneurs to joint-venture with us and other operators on the MaxCPM exchange. As such, MaxCPM earns a small royalty off of every click and conversion on the exchange. which is based on the eCPM yields and the network markup rate set by each network and comes off the top to handle payment processing. In any case, you will make the Lion’s Share of profits from your network, no matter what plan you choose


What type of advertising formats and sizes does MaxCPM support?

Currently, we only support display (image) ads in the most popular sizes: Leaderboard (728×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250) and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).  We also now support Mobile ads (300×50) that fit most mobile devices. This is simply because these are the most profitable ad sizes with the highest response rates. In future versions, we plan to add text ads and mobile / smartphone advertising. We do not have a release date for these features yet, but will announce our release schedule on this website when we do. For the latest information, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Do I Need a Business License or Corporation? How are Taxes Handled?

In most cases, network operators should not need to file for their own business license or corporate entity unless it is specifically required by the laws in their area. Purusant to US tax law, MaxCPM’s parent company will issue 1099s for all US Citizens earning over $600.00 per calendar year. In all cases, we recommend you contact appropriate legal counsel in your area to determine legal requirements, and potential advantages of filing for your own corporate entity.

The next step is to signup and watch our FREE Click Arbitrage Webinar to learn how to make 30-70% ROI guaranteed every day.   After that you will be given a special invite to join MaxCPM as a network operator.

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