No Merchant Account Required

Withdraw network profits directly to your bank account

NO Credit Application. NO Credit Check, & NO On-Site Audit. All you need is a checking account to withdraw your profits to.

The MaxCPM exchange handles all billing to advertisers. Since the exchange itself is physically delivering the ads from its servers, it is required to bill the advertisers under mastercard and visa rules. But this also allows the exchange to ensure that all proper earnings payments are made to publishers and to you from other network operators

You will be able to withdraw your earnings directly from your network admin control panel to your bank checking account or Paypal, as follows:


Daily Profit Report

Just like any other legitimate business, you will have actual revenues, costs to publishers, and net profits from your network operation reported daily.

Withdraw Profits

To withdraw your profits, you simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the total available balance and click submit. ($50 minimum)

To Your Bank or Paypal

If you have not doneso already, just enter your paypal account or banking information and submit your direct deposit for processing.

To see how the withdrawal process works firsthand, please see the Video Feature Tour