MaxCPM Ad Network Exchange

Partnering networks together to maximize your profits

There’s an old wisdom that says that it’s better to be in business for yourself, but not necessarily *by* yourself. The MaxCPM Exchange is built on the premise of partnering with others to create better results and higher earnings for everyone .. publishers, advertisers and network operators. While networks bring advertisers and publishers together, the MaxCPM exchange brings networks and their users together in micro-partnerships across network boundries wherever it makes the most financial sense.

Turning Competitors into Partners

Participating networks on the MaxCPM exchange strategically work together as a cooperative through the MaxCPM engine itself. So rather than competing with one another, all networks on the MaxCPM platform are systematically partnered together to increase liquidity and maximize eCPM yields.

To this end, MaxCPM will test advertisements from other networks on your publishers websites (and vice versa) to analyze where the highest eCPM yields occur.

Remember, the higher the eCPM yield, the more financially efficient publisher adspace is being used per impression to bring more conversions for advertisers, higher earnings for publishers and ultimately, increased profits for network operators.


Overcome Chicken Vs Egg

One of the most difficult aspects about starting any advertising network is overcoming the catch-22 of attracting publishers without enough advertisers and vice versa. By participating on our exchange, your advertisers and publishers will have access to pair with others on the exchange, wherever it makes the most sense financially.

Oceans of Traffic

This is one industry that is nearly impossible to saturate. With oceans of internet traffic available worldwide, this market is so incredibly massive, that the number of MaxCPM networks in operation is virtually irrelevant. It would be comparable with sending you to the beach with buckets to fill up as much water as you could possibly carry.

And It’s Fully Automated

Chances are, you’ll never have to meet any of your network partners, because all of the arrangements are handled and negotiated in microseconds based on profitability of the pair-up. In the time of someone else’s click, MaxCPM will negotiate and split your profits automatically between networks and tally it up on your daily profits report.

The true power behind MaxCPM not only lies in its scoring algorithms, but in bringing networks of advertisers & publishers together, and optimizing their results on a daily basis.